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5-4-3-2-1: Faye Bird | Teens on Moon Lane

5-4-3-2-1: Faye Bird

By Jim Dean, August 24, 2016

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It’s great to host a stop on the What I Couldn’t Tell You tour today, as author Faye Bird tackles our 5-4-3-2-1 feature!

TV shows you can watch all day long (when not busy writing)

Strictly Come Dancing – Absolutely number 1 on my list. Always. I’m already counting down the days to the upcoming series.

ER – I watched ER from the start. If there’s a repeat on, I’m there.

Absolutely Fabulous – Loved it when it was first broadcast and have just started watching Series 1 again on Netflix with my daughter and am laughing just as madly as I did the first time around. Comedy genius.

Friends – I’m waiting to get tired of it but it hasn’t happened yet…

Great British Bake Off – Mary and Paul, Mel and Sue, all that bunting and and all that ambitious delicious BREAD and CAKE. Seriously, what’s not to like?


Books you’d save from a burning bookcase

BFG – for the childhood smiles it gave me

The Prophet – for some grown-up wisdom

The Little Prince – for always trying to make sense of the world

To The Lighthouse – for the characters, the relationships, the moments in time


Pieces of advice you’d give yourself if you could travel back in time to before you became a published author

You’ll need the following:

Stamina: A story starts with the blip of an idea… and the excitement, possibility… The reality demands graft, graft and more graft in the writing and rewriting. Be ready.

Patience: It’ll take longer than you think – all of it, not just the getting to publication day, but the whole process. Be prepared.

Belief: If you put in the work and the time it can happen. It really can. So believe!


Places you love to read

In bed – most of the time I read in bed, and bed is always a good place to be!

On holiday – it’s the hours you get when you’re away that you don’t quite get at home that make any holiday, wherever it may be, a perfect place to read and read and read…


Relationships you love reading about

I always enjoy reading about love, in its many guises – whether that be parental, sibling, friendship or romantic love. I recently read Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor and Park. Theirs was a relationship that I loved.



When love turns to jealousy, when jealousy turns to rage, when rage turns to destruction…

Laura was head over heels in love with Joe. But now Laura lies in a coma and Joe has gone missing. Was he the one who attacked her?

Laura’s sister Tessie is selectively mute. She can’t talk but she can listen. And as people tell her their secrets, she thinks she’s getting close to understanding what happened on that fateful night.


Information about the Book

Title: What I Couldn’t Tell You

Author: Faye Bird

Release Date: May 1st 2016

Genre: YA Thriller

Publisher: Usborne

Format: Paperback

Goodreads Link:

Amazon Link:

Author Information

faye bird

Faye writes fiction for young adults. Before becoming a writer she worked as a literary agent representing screenwriters in film and TV. She studied Philosophy and Literature at Warwick University, but has otherwise always lived in London, and still does now. Her second novel, What I Couldn’t Tell You, was published on 1 May 2016.






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