5-4-3-2-1: Ryan Graudin

By Jim Dean, November 12, 2015

To celebrate last week’s release of the thrilling alternative history/fantasy Wolf by Wolf (Orion), we’re delighted to have author Ryan Graudin taking place in 5-4-3-2-1 today!

FIVE Songs that sum up the last novel you wrote perfectly

I make playlists for all of my books. WOLF BY WOLF was no different. Here are five of the most relevant songs from that list!

Looted Fires – Jenny Dalton

I listened to this song a lot when I was doing research for Wolf By Wolf and forming the world/brainstorming. There’s a very desolate yet frantic sound to it, which is how I wanted the landscape of this Axis-ruled world to come across.

The Home We Made, Pt. II (feat. Dylan Owens) – Crywolf

This song was the main theme for Chapter 15 and Chapter 19. Something about the mood of the music and the lyrics reminds me very much of Yael’s relationship with Aaron-Klaus, her fourth wolf.

Tiger Dust – Hybrid

I love Hybrid. They’re an amazing soundtrack/instrumental artist and have made many appearances on my novel writing playlists. To me Tiger Dust encapsulates the feel of the Axis Tour: motorcycles roaring along kilometers of dusty road. Best listened to while reading Chapter 12.

Love Can Kill You – BT

“Love can kill you/Love can save us all.” is a line from this song that really resonates with the theme of this book, and Yael’s relationships in general.

Nice To Meet Me – Zack Hemsey

Zack Hemsey is an artist I first discovered when I was writing The Walled City. (A lot of his instrumental pieces made it onto my playlist for that novel). As I was drafting Wolf By Wolf he came out with an album called Ronin. Most of the songs made it onto WbW’s playlist, but this one in particular seems to encapsulate Yael’s journey. It fits well with most of Chapter 34.

FOUR TV shows you can watch all day long (when not busy writing)

LOST – I adore this show. Even the ending. Kate Austen is one of my favorite heroines on television: she’s smart, a survivalist, not afraid to get her hands dirt, loyal, complicated. In fact, I love all of the characters and their complicated relationships.

Alias – Sydney Bristow FOREVER!!! She is such an amazing protagonist, and the show itself is so tense with action and intrigue. I actually used Sydney (her abilities, her emotional vulnerability) as a model for Yael, the main character in WOLF BY WOLF.

Firefly – One season. One movie. Short and sweet, but also timeless. Joss Whedon is one of the most talented television writers. This space western is my favorite of his works.

Doctor Who – You know a show is good when it makes you bawl your eyes out, even after repeated viewings. The writing, the imaginations, the possibility behind every episode of Doctor Who makes it impossible not to love.

THREE Places you love to read

On an airplane when it’s taxiing down the runway. I sometimes feel guilty for reading instead of writing, but the airplane on a runway is one place where I’m actually forbidden to have my laptop open/working! Also, reading while the plane takes off helps any runway nerves.

My bed: I like to read in bed about 30 minutes before I go to sleep. It helps quiet my brain and chip away at my ever-growing TBR pile!

Beneath the hair-drying thingy at the salon. I love playing around with bright hair colors (purple ombre, peacock green highlights, etc), which means quite a few hours spent at the salon every few months. I always bring my current read to keep me company as I sit under the hair-dryer thingy!

TWO Authors you’d want with you if you were stranded on a desert island

For survival purposes?

Mindy McGinnis – The author of NOT A DROP TO DRINK can in fact, sanitize water. She also has excellent wood-chopping and farming skills.

Rae Carson – Apparently Rae has fire-starting, animal dressing and fishing skills. I feel like the fishing would come especially in handy on said desert island. Fire too.

We would then get rescued and write a bestselling memoir about our sun-blistered experience.

ONE Item of swag you’d love to see made (could be for your own book or someone else’s, or a mix)

I love fan-art and it’s my (not-so-secret) dream for readers to do a design of Yael’s five running wolves tattoo! If I found the perfect one, it would be amazing to have a temp tattoo made out of it!

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