6 Degrees: Harry Potter to… (Guest Post by Melinda Salisbury)

By Jim Dean, February 13, 2016

We are super-excited to continue the #6degrees meme today with our very first guest author! When starting with Harry Potter, there was OBVIOUSLY only one person we could ask to take this spot – Slytherin queen Melinda Salisbury. She took time out from her incredibly busy schedule attending launches (including TWO for her new book The Sleeping Prince, sequel to The Sin Eater’s Daughter, which Scholastic have just published!) to write it for us – thanks Mel! Also, we want to congratulate Mel for being nominated/longlisted/shortlisted for various awards – I have possibly missed some, but this week’s Waterstones shortlisting is the latest brilliant news – it’s also up for the Carnegie, Branford Boase, North East Teen Book Awards and an Edgar from the Mystery Writers of America – wow!

Over to Mel…

Much of the Harry Potter series takes place in a magical world, just beyond our own. But in Anna McKerrow’s Red Witch the magic is very much here, centred in an eco-pagan community in Cornwall.

Like Red Witch, another series I’m very fond of with a Cornish setting is Lisa Glass’s Blue trilogy, I’m anxiously awaiting the as-yet unannounced third instalment, and wonder if it will take us back to beautiful Fistral Beach, or will we travel to another country?

If the third book of the Blue series returns us to the UK, I know I have some British Girl Abroad action to come in Holly Bourne’s How Hard Can Love Be? which will follow the incredible Amber; the tallest, funniest, and my personal favourite-est member of the Spinster Club.

And you might ask yourself How Hard Can Love Be? but all is fair in love and war, and that’s exactly what  frightens me most about Pierce Brown’s Morning Star. Will my favourites make it out in one piece, or should I be preparing myself for the worst?

I suppose while I’m worrying myself sick over Morning Star, I should also brace myself for Leigh Bardugo’s Crooked Kingdom. I’m far too attached to Kaz and his motley crew of liars and thieves. Hurry up, September!

Thanks Mel! Remember, everyone, it would be great to see people taking part on their own blogs! If you do, leave us a link on this post.

What do you think?