Katherine Rundell and Nicolette Jones at Oxford Literary Festival

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Susin Nielsen on her inspirations for We Are All Made Of Molecules and The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen

I’m a big fan of Susin Nielsen’s – We Are All Made Of Molecules, about to be released in paperback, was one of my favourites last year and this year’s The Reluctant Journal of Henry K Larsen – out last month – was another excellent read. I was thrilled when publishers Andersen Press were able […]

Vanessa Altin: Why I Wrote The Pomegranate Tree

Journalist Vanessa Altin’s The Pomegranate Tree, published this month by Blanket Press, sounds like a hard-hitting, moving, and important book – as far as I know, it’s the only children’s book to be published so far about the Syrian conflict. I can’t wait to read it, and was delighted when Vanessa offered to share with […]

Violet And The Smugglers Blog Tour: Armchair Travelling by Harriet Whitehorn

I’m really enjoying the latest in the Violet series, Violet and the Smugglers – as ever, it’s a fabulously funny story by Harriet Whitehorn and is gorgeously illustrated by Becka Moor! So I’m thrilled to have Harriet on the site today as part of the blog tour.   From the moment Violet was a twinkle […]

The Shadow Keeper Blog Tour: Abi Elphinstone’s Favourite Lines

As huge fans of Abi Elphinstone’s books, we’re super-excited to be bringing her blog tour – celebrating last Thursday’s publication of The Shadow Keeper (Simon & Schuster) to a close, with this fabulous post on her favourite lines from the new book! Plus, keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram for chances to win […]

#6Degrees: Harry Potter to… (Guest Post by Alwyn Hamilton)

The #6degrees meme continues this week – with the last post to use Harry Potter as a starting point (check out next month’s book at the end of this post!) I’m so excited to have Alwyn Hamilton, author of the wonderful Rebel of the Sands, on the site today to take part! Harry Potter and […]

#6Degrees: Harry Potter to… (Guest Post by Caitlin from Chronically Caitlin)

The #6degrees meme continues today, and for our very first guest blogger I am INCREDIBLY pleased to host my friend Caitlin. Two reasons this makes me very happy – firstly, she was the person who came up with the idea of guest authors and bloggers, and has been a huge help in developing the feature […]

6 Degrees: Harry Potter to… (Guest Post by Melinda Salisbury)

We are super-excited to continue the #6degrees meme today with our very first guest author! When starting with Harry Potter, there was OBVIOUSLY only one person we could ask to take this spot – Slytherin queen Melinda Salisbury. She took time out from her incredibly busy schedule attending launches (including TWO for her new book […]

Top Ten Twins by Elen Caldecott

As huge fans of Elen Caldecott’s Marsh Road Mysteries we’re looking forward to reading Spooks and Scooters, focusing on twins Flora and Sylvie. To celebrate the release of the book tomorrow (published by Bloomsbury Children’s) we’re very pleased to have Elen telling us about her top ten fictional sets of twins! Elen Caldecott’s Top Ten […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Non-Romantic Relationships

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is a Valentine’s Day freebie! I’m sure there will be LOTS of great romance-themed lists out there, and as tempted as I was to yell about books I’ve loved recently like Heidi Heilig’s The Girl From […]

6 Degrees: Harry Potter to…

We’re really happy to present the first edition of our #6degrees meme today! A huge thank you, once again, to Annabel Smith and Emma Chapman for letting us use their idea. If you want to join in, just start with Harry Potter and make your own chain of six books, linking in any way you […]

Clare Furniss on Her Inspirations For How Not To Disappear

As huge fans of Clare Furniss’s Year Of The Rat, we’re very excited to read her recent release How Not To Disappear (published by Simon & Schuster) and we’re delighted to have her talking about her inspirations for the novel today! How Not To Disappear tells the story of pregnant teenager Hattie who takes her […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Recent Additions To My TBR Pile

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Timmy Failure: Sanitised For Your Protection by Stephan Pastis (Walker) – I’m a big fan of Stephan Pastis’s hilarious, and touching, Timmy Failure series and was given this a few days ago, meaning it’s gone straight to the top of […]

Katy Birchall’s Top Tips For Writing A Sequel

We loved Katy Birchall’s The It Girl, one of the funniest books we read last year! We’re eager to read her new book Team Awkward, and were thrilled that she offered to share her tips for writing a sequel. Katy Birchall’s top tips for writing a sequel: 1. Always have snacks at the ready. Seriously, […]

#CountdownML January – Storified!

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Tom Ellen And Lucy Ivison’s Tips To Their 14-year-old Selves

We’re huge fans of Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison’s Lobsters, which we’d highly recommend to older teens, and new book Never Evers (out tomorrow!) which we’d highly recommend to everyone! We’re very happy to have them on the site today, talking about tips for their 14-year-old selves. TOM 1. Listening to the music of Blink […]

End of Year Survey

I love this end of year survey! Thanks to Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner for the brilliant questions. Number Of Books You Read: I don’t keep stats but maybe 60? Number of Re-Reads: Only a couple Genre You Read The Most From: Probably YA contemporary 1. Best Book You Read In 2015?     The […]

Top Ten 2016 Debuts I’m Looking Forward To

I’m a little behind here but somehow never got a chance to finish writing this – so busy! Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish The Scarlet Files: Cat Burglar by Tamsin Cooke (Oxford University Press) January I’ve met Tamsin a few times through #ukmgchat socials and […]

#QuizML 1

We ran a #quizML on Twitter a few days ago, challenging people to answer 25 questions on 2015 YA and MG releases (including a few film adaptations as well as this year’s books!) So we thought we’d share the questions here – how will you get on? Keep on scrolling down to get the answers. […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Debut Authors Whose Next Books I Can’t Wait To Read!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature at one of my favourite blogs, The Broke and The Bookish – I love taking part! This week, we’re looking at ten debut authors whose next books we are VERY excited for. Sara Barnard’s Beautiful Broken Things is one of the few 2016 releases I’ve been lucky enough […]