About LIME

Do you want to plan a ‘pop up’ peer run bookshop event? (OPEN from 3.30pm till 5.00pm.)??

You need to think about your customers and what might attract them to use your bookshop rather than shopping online or shopping centres. What can you OFFER that they can’t? What will be your unique selling point?

Your tutor group for the day will need to be divided in half.

Within your new team you must allocate business roles to each member of the team, using the role descriptions as a guide. The Project Manager must be allocated first so that they can help guide the rest of the team into their roles.

The fairest way to do this is for anyone interested in the role to put their name forward and if a decision can’t be made after a brief discussion, names should be put into a cup and the teacher to pull a name out. That decision will be final.

The Project Manager must then make sure that all the other roles are filled fairly. Once you have brainstormed and decided on an idea, you must come up with a name for your Bookshop. You are ultimately working towards giving a presentation of your pitch that will convince the Business Consultants that your Bookshop Business is the best and will be the most successful out of all teams presenting.

What will be considered a successful project?

 The success criteria are:

  • High customer turnout
  • Successful sales reflecting appropriate book choices and range
  • Staying within budget
  • Best management of the business to maximise profit margin
  • Best use of resources
  • Most innovative ideas
  • Strong branding
  • Excellent team work

Before lunch you must decide who is going to represent your team. All will submit their e-portfolio before lunch, and the shortlisted teams will present their ideas to a panel of Business Consultants in the afternoon.

The winning teams and the runners up will attend a strategic and��MARKETING meeting at 3.00pm in the library. Don’t worry if you were not in these teams. If interested in helping to put the overall winning business plan into action, then do come along to the library at 3.00pm too.

In this meeting, you will be given handy tips and tricks of the TRADE by professionals who actually plan marketing ideas to increase book sales on a day-to-day basis.