Tom Ellen And Lucy Ivison’s Tips To Their 14-year-old Selves

By Jim Dean, January 6, 2016

We’re huge fans of Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison’s Lobsters, which we’d highly recommend to older teens, and new book Never Evers (out tomorrow!) which we’d highly recommend to everyone! We’re very happy to have them on the site today, talking about tips for their 14-year-old selves.

1. Listening to the music of Blink 182 does NOT make you as cool as you think it does.

2. Do NOT dye your hair bright green during the summer holidays of 1997. Because you will then have to shave your head before you go back to school in September, and the remaining bleach at the tips of your hair will make it look like you’ve gone prematurely grey at 14 years old.

3. Stop worrying so much about being short. You will grow a freakish amount over the summer of 1998, and then you’ll have to start worrying about being too tall.


1. Every thing I can think of is really boring and PSHE lessoned up. I wish when I was 14 I hadn’t felt such a huge, huge pressure to fit in. But maybe feeling that pressure is a part of being 14. So maybe don’t be a sheep. I wasn’t ever the one being mean to someone, but I definitely was one of the ones who stood by and felt awful but was too scared to say anything. So I could go back I would be all bad-ass and stand up for the underdog!

2. Exams are important, but not as important as every single person around you is making out. It’s a group conspiracy designed to keep you too busy to take over the world.

3. Don’t be scared to do stuff. Audition for the school play / dye your hair (but not that shade of orange you went for at 16) / wear the clothes you love but are too scared to wear because you are not cool enough or whatever. YOLO people.

Never Evers by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison is published by Chicken House, priced £6.99

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