Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Debut Authors Whose Next Books I Can’t Wait To Read!

By Jim Dean, November 5, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature at one of my favourite blogs, The Broke and The Bookish – I love taking part! This week, we’re looking at ten debut authors whose next books we are VERY excited for.

Sara Barnard’s Beautiful Broken Things is one of the few 2016 releases I’ve been lucky enough to already read, and – along with Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison’s wonderful Never Evers – sets a really high bar for the rest of the year! BBT is a stunning look at the friendship between three girls, unusual in YA for almost a complete lack of romance. It feels so, so realistic – particularly the brilliantly-handled ending, and the way the friendship between the three develops. I am mostly desperate for other people to read this so I have more people to talk to about how fabulous it is, but I am also seriously excited about whatever she writes next!

Sarah Benwell’s The Last Leaves Falling was a stunning, wonderfully well-written, and massively emotional read. Telling the tale of Japanese teen Sora, diagnosed with ALS. Struggling to cope with his illness, he turns to the wisdom of the samurai, and to new friends made over the internet. I don’t know what’s next for Sarah, but I am hugely excited for whatever it turns out to be.

Lisa Drakeford’s The Baby was a very promising debut – I was hugely impressed by the way the story of a teenage girl giving birth and bringing up her child, told sequentially from five different points of view, worked so well. I’m definitely very excited for her next book, particularly as she’s recently announced (over on the fabulous Mile Long Bookshelf, one of my favourite sites!) she’s working on a sequel to The Baby! Head over to the Mile Long Bookshelf for more details about this one.

Abi Elphinstone’s The Dreamsnatcher was a brilliant MG fantasy novel with one of the most evil villains of the year, and a wonderful heroine in Romany Moll. I’ve heard a fair bit about sequel The Shadow Keeper, all of which has me extremely excited!

Martyn Ford’s The Imagination Box has one of the best characters of the year so far, a talking finger monkey called Phil, created by main character Tim when he finds a box which can bring anything you imagine into existence. I adored Phil and can’t wait to read more of his and Tim’s adventures in upcoming sequel Beyond Infinity.

Lauren James’s The Next Together completely blew me away – her juggling of four versions of the same pairs of characters, living in different time periods, is outstanding. I’m hugely excited for the follow-up The Last Beginning (although why do I have to wait until September?!)

Irfan Master’s A Beautiful Lie is a book I first read about five years ago – I’ve often thought since then that, if published now, it may have had more commercial success to match the critical acclaim it picked up at the time. Set in 1947 India, it tells the story of Bilal, who wants to keep the news of the Partition of India a secret from his dying bapuji so at least he can pass away without a broken heart. With a hugely diverse set of characters, this is both incredibly exciting and really moving. I THINK Irfan’s long-awaited second book isn’t too far away…

Melinda Salisbury’s The Sin Eater’s Daughter was an excellent YA fantasy novel about Twylla, a girl with poison running through her veins, and the royal court where she acted as executioner. Twists and turns abounded, and I adored both Marek, the prince she was betrothed to, and Lief, the new bodyguard she became close to. Mel’s next book, The Sleeping Prince, tells the story of Lief’s sister Errin and the war against the recently awakened prince which she gets caught up in. With this due in just three months, I’m REALLY excited about it!

Tess Sharpe, author of Far From You – an incredible YA thriller about a bisexual girl investigating the death of her girlfriend – has mentioned a few things about what she’s working on on Twitter. I’m not 100% sure about what’s coming next from her but – nearly two years after being completely destroyed reading FFY in public – I am SUPER-ready for whatever it is!

I have barely any details about Lisa Williamson’s second book – I don’t even know the title yet – but that doesn’t matter; The Art Of Being Normal is one of the most outstanding YA contemporary books I’ve read for years. The story of David, who knows she is a girl but is seen by everyone around her as a boy, it was the first book I’d read with a transgender main character and it’s been great to see the stunning success of this amazing read show that there’s a real appetite for YA which looks carefully at gender identity. (And, of course, that’s not limited to YA – if this is one you loved, I’d also strongly recommend Alex Gino’s wonderful MG George!)  Obviously, I’m pre-ordering Lisa’s 2016 release as soon as I can! (And, sneakily getting this up to 11, Alex is another writer whose next book I’m desperate to read.)

Which debuts have left you desperate to read more from their talented authors? Let us know in the comments – or leave a link if you’re taking part yourself!

What do you think?