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TWELVE Reasons To Read Have A Little Faith by Candy Harper | Teens on Moon Lane

TWELVE Reasons To Read Have A Little Faith by Candy Harper

By Jim Dean, December 17, 2015

With just two weeks until Leap Of Faith, third in Candy Harper’s brilliant Faith series, is released by Simon & Schuster, I thought I’d bring my ‘Twelve Reasons To Read Have A Little Faith’ over from the now defunct YA Contemporary site. (I know I usually do ten reasons, but Faith is just too good to keep down to that number!)

TWELVE REASONS to read Have A Little Faith

1. Faith’s voice is utterly wonderful.

2. It’s possibly the funniest book of the last five years.

3. It completely captures the school experience; it’s brilliant in the way it portrays both pupils and teachers.

4. It has Lily! My favourite supporting female character of the year in my Year-End awards.

5. It has Westy! Daft as a brush but utterly charming (in an “Oh good grief he’s an idiot, but a lovable one” sort of way.)

6. The humour stands up to repeated rereadings. (I’m speaking from experience.)

7. Faith’s relationships with both her friends and her family are captured brilliantly. In particular, the large friendship group she’s a part of is incredibly strongly written and I love the way they fall out but can deal with their issues with each other.

8. Faith is a superbly well-rounded character. She’s hilarious but can be an absolute brat at times; yet she’s likeable enough to be forgiven these moments.

9. Everyone I recommend it to loves it, even those people who take ages to get round to reading it race through it when they finally pick it up!

10. If I know you offline and we’re close enough for me to buy you a birthday present, there’s a fair chance I’ve got it you for your birthday…

11. The sequel, Keep The Faith, is another stunning read

12. Look at the picture below; I bought TEN COPIES. That’s how much I believe people should read this book! (Update: I may have bought another five since then…)

TEN copies of Faith, arranged in an F. For Faith, of course. And for Fort.

EIGHT great quotes from the first eight pages.

1. “My elderly relatives (AKA: Mum and Dad) have made such a fuss about me treating Year Ten as a ‘fresh start’ that you would think my school career so far had consisted of maiming and mentally scarring teachers on a daily bases.

Whereas, we all know it was just the one time.”

2. “Megs has been my best friend ever since Year Seven; I don’t think I could cope without her to carry out all the most special duties of friendship like feeding me sweeties when my hands are busy texting and checking my hair looks good from the back.”

3. “A few hilarious limericks posted on the school website; one teacher with a radical new haircut (which was an improvement anyway) and a minor explosion. You’d think they’d be pleased that we’re so lively and innovative but no, they’ve torn me away from my best mate.”

4. “But the only person who understand the French I speak is Megs. Madam Badeau speaks the old-fashioned kind where you’re not allowed to use any English words.”

5. “…Mum said perhaps I should try some meditation to calm down (I’d rather have my arms chopped off)”

6. “[Sam] started whining that his arm was broken, which is nonsense because I didn’t hear it crack when I twisted it.”

7. “Actually she did once call us geniuses, but she put the word ‘evil’ in front so I don’t think she meant it as a compliment.”

8. “Miss Pee is one of those older ladies who pretend to be nice by wearing pastel colours and taking an interest in the Special Needs group’s poems about autumn, but behind closed doors I reckon she would tear off her own mother’s head if it improved the exam grades of the school.”

SIX other amazing reviews

“[Faith] embraces her school days as if she were a character in the Just William books, getting up to no good and causing mischief.” Wondrous Reads

“Faith’s voice is brilliant, reading her story is just hours of fun that you don’t want to end.” Luna’s Little Library

“A fantastic introduction to a fun new teen heroine.” Chicklish

“Have a Little Faith is British humour at its best.” Queen of Contemporary

“This book is hilarious from start to finish – Faith is one of the funniest characters I’ve come across in years.” Serendipity Reviews

“Her, Megs, Lily and Angharad were all fantastic characters and so sharply different and fully characterised.” So Many Books, So Little Time

FOUR other books fans of Faith will love

1. Boys Don’t Knit by Tom Easton

2. Weirdos vs Quimboids by Natasha Desborough

3. Lobsters by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

4. Keep The Faith by Candy Harper

TWO great posts from Candy Harper 


(The other is currently unavailable – but watch this space!)

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