UKYA Extravaganza Blog Tour: Rhian Ivory

By Jim Dean, October 9, 2015

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It’s the UKYA extravaganza tomorrow and I’m delighted to be bringing a fabulous blog tour to a close by asking Rhian Ivory, author of just-released The Boy Who Drew The Future, some fun ‘what would it be’ questions. I love her brilliant answers which have got me even more excited about reading the book!


If your book were a fruit what would it be?

A watermelon. This book is all about water, rivers, swimming and the drip, drip, drip of rain that builds as the novel develops into an almighty storm.


If your book were a drink from Starbucks what would it be?

Something with cinnamon in, a bit of spice and warmth to your coffee with undertones of sweetness.


If your book were a piece of music what would it be? 

Got to be Flaws by Bastille. All of my characters are horribly flawed and wear their hearts on their sleeves, you just want to wrap them up in cotton wool but of course you can’t.


If your book were a piece of art what would it be?

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, this iconic painting features in the novel and sums up Noah and Beth’s feelings for one another in all the brightest of colours.


If your main character was a pop star who would it be?

I’m going to pick Beth because neither Noah nor Blaze can sing, they can whistle but not hold a tune. Beth’s the musician in the novel and she composes her own songs as well as being an excellent pianist. I think she’d be very much like Lennon Stella who plays Maddie Conrad in Nashville. She’s such a stunning vocalist with a unique tone that is just haunting.


If your book/a character was TV programme what would it be?

Something a bit like The Returned mixed in with Twin Peaks, a bit like how I see Kat Ellis’s novel Blackfin Sky. There’s something creepy and hidden in both our novels and I liked that about Twin Peaks and even more so in The Returned. So many questions to ask and answer.


If your book/a character was an Olympic sport what would it be?

I’d have to say swimming wouldn’t I with all those river scenes in both the present day and back in 1865 when the term ‘swimming’ meant something else entirely.


If your book/a character was a country what would it be?

I’d have to pick England, my novel is very English with Sible Hedingham village at the heart, but this village is quite universal, it could be any village in the UK with a post office, a grocers, a school, a church, a river and a murky past!


If your book/a character was a famous person who lived before the 20th century what would it be?

Jane Wenham from Hertfordshire. In 1712 Jane was the last person to be convicted for witchcraft in England. She was sentenced to hang but pardoned by Queen Anne. At Jane’s trial she was accused of flying, her answer “there is no law against flying”. I just love that response, what courage and bravery that must have taken. The trial marks the end of an era of barbaric witch trials in the UK.


If your book/a character was a chocolate bar what would it be?

A Picnic because it has got a bit of everything in it, nuts, raisins, caramel, wafer and chocolate and my book is a romance, a thriller, historical, a ghost story and a school story too.


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